Who’s For A Recipe? Gordon Ramsay Toast Recipe

This made me laugh so much! A Gordon Ramsay Spoof Cooking video on how to make toast.

You never know when you might need to be reminded how to make toast. LOL!

Video courtesy of Hona Africa


The Next Big Thing – Taiwan Slushies

I was recently invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Green Product Display Centre at The Taiwan Trade Centre, a unique opportunity to see the crème-de-la-crème of Taiwan’s green industries. I was particularly excited to try an iconic Taiwanese dessert, calling Taiwan Slushies. This is created with flakes of ice which are then topped with sweet sauces and ingredients! They are great for summer treats and could be the next big food trend. It took a while for bubble tea to take off here but hopefully these slushies will be seen in dessert bars across the UK!

The machine used to make the slushies is special because it’s green and energy efficient. The ice is flavoured with vanilla or mango (or anything you choose) and is different from your usual iced dessert. The texture of the ice combined with the sweet toppings makes it completely unique. Alas at present its not widely available but visit The Taiwanese Festival site to see where you might be able to try some.

2014-09-18 19.41.59

Toppings for Taiwanese slushies

2014-09-18 19.47.28

Taiwanese slushies

2014-09-18 19.49.45

I love these!

2014-09-18 19.59.48

Mango flavoured slushie

The desserts were presented by Taipec who offer a range of Taiwanese food products to the world.

Read about my previous experience of Taiwanese excellence here.


Borough Market Celebrates Its 1000th Birthday!

Every foodie knows that one of the best markets in London to get a foodie fix is Borough Market. The vibrant market is filled to the brim with unique food stalls, supplying high quality produce to visitors, restaurateurs, passionate amateur cooks and Michelin-starred chefs alike!You can find Bakers, Cafes, Cheese, Fish, Spices, Sauces, Meat and so much more…it is a treasure trove filled with delicious things!

Being a born and bred Londoner myself, I’ve always found Borough Market to be one of those places that defines London, the vibrancy and energy of the area speaks to the very soul of every Londoner and so it is little wonder that it has stood the taste of time.

Borough Market will celebrate it’s 1000th birthday with a day of footsteps, a colourful interactive celebration of all the footsteps that have passed through Borough market.

Head down to the market to leave your footsteps and make your mark on history.


Borough Market

On Saturday 20th September, Borough Market invites visitors to celebrate its millennium by marking the occasion literally with their footsteps.

In an event entitled Footsteps in Time, Borough Market will kick off a year of festivities by encouraging members of the public to create a colourful trail of footprints across the Market. This will be followed by a series of events scheduled to take place throughout the next twelve months, hosted by the Market in collaboration with leading figures from the food and education sectors.

Make your Mark

At each of the three main entrances to the market, shoppers will walk through a different colour of eco-friendly wash-away paint. As they walk around the market, they will leave behind thousands of interlacing footprints, creating a vast and rapidly evolving work of art.

“The work will beautifully represent all the millions of feet that have passed through the Market over the centuries – from William Shakespeare to Charlie Chaplin – as well as those that have yet to come” commented Keith Davis, Managing Director of  Borough Market.

The process will be filmed from above to create a time-lapse video clip and the public will be encouraged to post their own images on social media with the hashtag #BoroughMarket1000. At the end of the day the paint will be washed away, taking the streets of the Market back to their original state.


Traders at Borough Market

Forthcoming events to celebrate Borough Market’s 1,000 years

Borough Market will be stamping its footprint over the next year with a series of special events.  The year will  provide customers, traders and the general public with the opportunity to celebrate Borough Market’s rich history while also exploring the role Borough Market can play in the centuries to come. Other millennium festivities include:

  • Apple Day festival in October – with 1,000 varieties of British Apples on display in a very unique way.
  • 1,000 Christmas Kisses – encouraging public displays of affection with 1,000 mistletoe berries suspended in the Market Hall in December.
  • Food debates and education programmes – guest speakers will be invited to talk to the public about the future of food and the role markets can play in society.
  • Summer arts – next summer, Borough Market will stage a range of music and theatre performances.

Borough Market milestones

11th-12 Century

A market takes shape along what is now Borough High Street, with traders benefitting from the heavy traffic across London Bridge:  for centuries the only route into London from the south.  A second market, specialising in grain, forms nearby in the grounds of St Thomas’s Hospital.

13th Century

Charters issued by the City of London, whose own markets are being threatened by competition from Borough, forbid Londoners from crossing the bridge to buy “corn, cattle or other merchandise”, declare that “no market place shall be kept on London Bridge”, and make it illegal for anyone to cross into the City to re-sell bread brought on the cheap in Borough.”

14th Century

City authorities petition the Crown in an attempt to gain control of Borough which, thanks to the vagaries of the legal system, has become a haven for escaped criminals.

15th Century

Henry IV grants to the City of London “assay and assize of bread, wine and other victuals”, sold at Borough Market:  revenues which had previously gone to the Crown.

18th Century

The Market is closed by Act of Parliament due to congestion on the high street impacting on trade in the City.  Residents of Southwark are granted the right to start a new market, independent of the City, away from the high street.  They raise £6,000 by offering annuities to local citizens and buy the area known as the Triangle. The new market opens in 1756.

1756:  Borough Market opens in its current location.

19th Century

The Market expands considerably and the growth of the railways turns Borough into a vital hub in the fruit and veg wholesale trade, serving commercial customers from all over the South East.



Support British Food Fortnight September 20th – October 5th

British Food Fortnight

British Food Fortnight

If you love British Food then you should be celebrating The British Food Fortnight which takes place from September 20th-October 5th 2014.

Since its launch, the event has quickly become the definitive national celebration of British food, and the health benefits and pleasures of eating quality, fresh, seasonal and regionally distinct produce. Hundreds of activities are taking place across the country during British Food Fortnight, take part and celebrate British food.

Visit The Love British Food site to find out more!

13 Year Old Chef TJ Dobson launches series of ‘Cook With Me’ films

My mother taught me how to cook from around age 12, mostly Nigerian food but being in the kitchen from such an early age meant that I wasn’t afraid of cooking (even though at the time I just wanted to watch The A-Team on TV). I learnt how to cook other cuisines relatively quickly because of this introduction and so I’m grateful to her, otherwise my love of food would probably have bankrupted me if I wasn’t able to cook food from scratch.

I was intrigued to learn about TJ Dobson, a 13 year old chef who is taking the cooking world by storm. It’s not just his age that intrigues but it’s his genuine passion for the culinary arts AKA cooking.

Watch this clip from his upcoming series “Cook With Me”, in which he’s preparing Beef Wellington and be inspired. He really is quite amazing.

TJ’s website: www.tjdobson.net
Twitter: @tjdobsonchef