The Who’s For Dinner Christmas Foodie Gift Guide

As Christmas draws near, I’ve been searching for some of the yummiest treats to add to The Who’s For Dinner Christmas Foodie Gift Guide.

I have made an extra special effort to find unique independent food businesses that you won’t find on the high street (yet). I strongly believe in the importance of supporting small businesses and often find that it is these independent businesses that bring us the most original and unique food products.

I haven’t tried all of these products as yet but have been inspired by their creativity so would love to hear from you if you do get a chance to order from these businesses. They are in no particular order by the, I just love the “12 Days of Christmas“!

Enjoy your Christmas shopping (and eating) fellow foodies!

On the 1st day of Christmas…

Eat some shoes.

unnamed (1) AZRA Chocolates- by SiRAstudio

Shoes made of chocolate from the Azra chocolates, what’s not to love here? I repeat they are shoes made of chocolate! Perfect for that glamourous, chocolate-loving diva in your life. You can buy a single Azra Chocolates luxury shoe from £32.50 online.

On the 2nd day of Christmas…

Keep things Spicy with Speculaas biscuits.

421930_num1009216 424900_num1011524

These are dutch biscuits which traditionally come in the form of windmill shaped biscuits or male or female figurines. Young men used to decorate these figurines and give them to their sweetheart. If she accepted, she loved him back. Show someone some love this Christmas with a jar of spice mix from as little as £9.29.

On the 3rd day of Christmas…

Enjoy Jams fit for royalty.

Radnor Preserves

unnamed (1)

Award winning Radnor Preserves are hand-made by Joanna Morgan in her kitchens in New Radnor, Wales. Apparently they are so delicious that they have even graced HM the Queen’s table. Perfect as a Christmas gift – a beautiful box of three cost £15 plus P&P.

On the 4th Day of Christmas…

Send beautifully made biscuits from The Biscuiteers.

Apres Ski Biscuits

Apres Ski BiscuitsThe lovely team at Biscuiteers creates a superb range of biscuits treats and gifts that are perfect for Christmas! They almost look too good to eat!

On the 5th Day of Christmas…

Share mini-kegs of beer.

Mini Kegs

Treat a beer-lover in your family to a pub experience at home by Sonnet 43, which specialises in high quality cask beers. All of Sonnet 43′s gift packs and mini-kegs are available to order online! Prices start at £8.50 for a gift pack and £23 for a mini-keg.

On the 6th Day of Christmas…

Send a jar of cookie mix!IMG_20140821_184614

I actually had the chance to try this cookie mix in a jar from Benedict’s Bakery and it was brilliant! From as little as £5.99 you can send a range of mixes so that your loved one can make their own cookies.

On the 7th Day of Christmas…

Give someone a fresh fruit bouquet.


These unique and scrumptious fruit bouquets would make the perfect edible gift for a foodie. Fruit Blooms has a wide range of treats available to order directly from their site.

On the 8th Day of Christmas…

Bite into some #BritishBrittle

British Brittle

British Brittle

These moreish sweet treats by The Big Skies Food Co are made from nuts and treacle, I’ve tasted them and they are yummy.  Zoe and Mark  make their gluten free and vegan friendly #BritishBrittle in small batches in their Norfolk kitchen. From as little as £2.85 you can afford to buy every member of the family some brittle for Christmas!

On the 9th Day of Christmas…

Make Italian Cheese

Italian ContentsMozzarella Imagine a tasty, fresh ball of homemade mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and a scattering of torn basil leaves, served with juicy ripe tomatoes and crusty bread or creamy ricotta flavoured with vanilla and served with a passionfruit coulis. The best bit is that you could be eating it in under an hour! This Italian Cheese Kit provides everything you need to make 10 batches of mozzarella just add milk! Buy this kit as a unique Christmas gift for someone you love (or as a gift for yourself today) from Funky Food Gifts at just £18.99 with Free delivery too!

On the 10th day of Christmas…

Eat your candle holders!



It was love at first sight when I found these gingerbread advent edible candle holders on the Funky Food Gifts site. So if any of my friends and family are reading this you can add them to the long list of fabulous presents that you’re getting me for Christmas!  When you light the candles, the spices of the gingerbread release their fragrances and scent the room. This is actually amazing!

On the 11th day of Christmas…

Make your own saucy gift hamper

Bim's Kitchen Sauces

 You can make your own African inspired gift pack with sauces and relishes from either Bim’s Kitchen (above) or the Naija Cooking Sauces (below). I have had the chance to try them all and have to say that they are delicious.

On the 12th Day of Christmas…

Get spicy and give chillis!

Hot Pot Red & Chilli Jam

Chalfont Chillies make a range of chilli based delicacies have even won several awards! Their Chihuahua logo is based on their pets and reflects this food brand’s fun and quirky side.

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Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Why Every Foodie Should Visit Bath

I last visited Bath about 11 or 12 years ago for a friend’s birthday. Being a born and bred Londoner, I used to love visiting these distant lands that called themselves cities, returning home to London to brag about what I had seen, mainly that there could be “no city like London”. But that was in my younger days when being from London seemed be some kind of indicator of coolness. Nowadays I can honestly say that England is full of wonderful cities and towns that are cool in their own right, they don’t even need to try to be cool, Bath is one of those cities. Not only is it just beautiful, so beautiful that it is a designated World Heritage Site but it is every Foodies dream.

Spending a weekend there with Mr WFD recently gave me an insight into how much of a Foodies Dream it is. There are so many wonderful places to eat and drink that it would have taken me much longer than a weekend to get through them all but here is a visual run down of why every foodie should visit Bath.

Make sure you click on each image to get more information about the places and if you ever visit Bath let me know what you think.

Tagine at The Tagine Zhor Moroccan Restaurant – one of the best Moroccan meals I’ve had outside of Morocco.

Tagine Zhor Bath

Tagine lham Bel Barkook
Lamb tagine with caramelised prunes, slow cooked in saffron, ginger, cinnamon, boiled eggs,
sprinkled with roasted almonds and sesame seeds


Comfit of Duck Tagine (N) – Lala Zhor way 
Tagine of duck with caramelised apricots and raisins, sprinkled with roasted pine nuts, and sesame

Turkish Meze and More at The Marmaris Restaurant

Mixed Meze

Mixed Meze

Lamb Kebab

Lamb Kebab

Sweet Fudge at The Fudge Kitchen

Bath Fudge being made

Bath Fudge being made

Japanese Delights at Yen Sushi


Tobiko – Flying Fish Roe
Tiny Fish Eggs


The Kaiten sushi Conveyor belt

Squid Tentacles

Squid Tentacles

Hope you get a chance to visit Bath soon!

A Taste of Fairfields Farm Turkey-Flavoured Crisps

Foodie Correspondent, Harriet Mupungu reviews Fairfields Farm KellyBronze Turkey with Sage and Onion flavoured crisps.

I’m not a fan of turkey the meat but will happily try out turkey-flavoured food items particularly at this time of the year when most of us are excited about Christmas!


Turkey-Flavoured Crisps

The packaging of Farmfields Farm Crisps did not impress me. The crisps come in a somewhat thick plastic wrapper with a paper sleeve, the wrapper is perhaps too thick.

Turkey Crisps

Turkey Crisps

The crisps though, are absolutely delightful! The turkey flavouring is only a hint, which to me was the right dosage, not too overpowering and not hidden. What makes the crisps a lovely snack is the distinct sage seasoning. You will most definitely need a glass of water with these.

Unlike what you would usually find in most crisps packs, the crisps are of similar bite size. They are just about the right crisp texture. Overall, a decent pack of crisps.


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Teatime with Toast&

I was recently invited to experience an Afternoon Tea with Toast&, a baking brand by Doreen Balogun.

Mr WFD and I were welcomed warmly at this pop-up style afternoon tea event and were keen to try all the fabulous treats on offer. I first discovered Toast& at a small business event in the summer organised by The 2Inspire Network. There was an ample supply of sweet treats, sandwiches and tea, lots and lots of tea.

Here’s what was on the menu:

  • pistachio and dark chocolate shortbread
  • sun-dried tomato and cheddar shortbread
  • basil and olive scones served with tomato pesto
  • raspberry cream sponge
  • blackberry jam Victoria sponge
  • salmon and dill sandwiches
  • beef, cheddar, red onion chutney and rocket sandwiches
  • elderflower, mint and lime fizz
  • lemon,earl grey and poppy seed slices

My favourite had to be the basil & olive scones, the savoury treat was delectable. The cakes were of course delightful, in particular the lemon, earl grey and poppy seed slice.

Toast& Teatime

Toast& Teatime

2014-11-15 13.32.52

Toast& Teatime

Toast& offers a range of homemade sandwiches, scones toast& more, support a new and growing business and get in touch whenever you next need some baked goodies for your special occasion.





Parma Ham Delights At Terroni

On November 17th 2014, fabulous foodie Toks Aruoture found fun at Terroni celebrating their Parma Ham Certification. This certification denotes the authenticity of their ham as being produced in Parma, Northern Italy.  Read about her experience and head down to Terroni to find authentic Italian food soon.

Italian Wines

Italian Wines

The company was established 137 years ago, by Mr Luigi Terroni, a first generation Italian who emigrated to England. It was based in the then Italian quarters, now known as Clerkenwell. The business thrived, changed hands, closed for four years and returned back to the Annessa family who now run it. It now serves the UK as the premier supplier of real Italian parma ham. Besides supplying delicatessens across the country Terroni is also a walk-in deli/ coffee house open to the public.


Chef Aldo Zilli

There is no mistaking the lively Italian culture once you step into this family deli. Black and white pictures dotted around the store tells of its rich history spanning generations. We were given a passionate speech about the store’s rich heritage, and celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli shared some humourous words before unveiling the Anniversary Crown Parma Ham Slicer. The Parma ham was rich, succulent and tasty and we had the opportunity to sample it in a variety of wonderful combinations- with mango, melon, apple, the works. The prosciutto was quite simply to die for, practically melting in your mouth like butter, and wine was plentiful and of excellent quality.

Toks (left) with Chef Aldo Zilli and Helen (right)

Toks (left) with Chef Aldo Zilli and Helen (right)

Stop by for a coffee and some Italian canapes in this world-famous deli.

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Pizza Less Ordinary at Pizza Rossa

Inspired by the street food vendors of Italy,  Pizza Rossa,  the artisanal pizza al taglio – by the square slice - opens its first permanent outlet at London Wall this month and I was pleased to be invited to the launch party. What I loved most about the pizzas aside from the fresh ingredients was their base. The base was light yet crispy and very moreish! Thankfully it’s a healthy base otherwise I would have left feeling too full!

Pizza Rossa Foodie Map of Italy!

Pizza Rossa Foodie Map of Italy!

A fellow guest eagerly grabs a slice!

A fellow guest eagerly grabs a slice!

The Pizza Rossa team uses less wheat to create a uses an innovative process for a dough which is crisp and crunchy, lower calorie. Located just a couple of minutes away from Moorgate, this is the perfect spot for City workers, pizzas are ready in 90 seconds (even though they don’t taste like it!).  It’s fast Italian food created with care and authenticity!

PIZZA ROSSA  168 London Wall London EC2M 5QD